Castaras' Backstory

Castaras was born in the back-streets of a massive drow city. Scraping a living for a few years by eating the fungi on these streets, she gets noticed by a group of higher up drow and put into slavery. Years of this goes by, and she gains a little knowledge in magic.

But, unlike her townie self, when Castaras runs, she refuses to help Lolth, and gets recaptured, and subjected to horrific tortures in the mind. This torture still hasn't completely been cured. But, she went back to her work, still picking up wizardry wherever she could. She gets spotted by one of the drow in the house she was working at sneaking a quick practice of a powerful, and still unknown spell. It failed, but this alerted to her owners that she was dangerous. They sent her to a master in the depths of the caverns, to learn wizardry and other stuff.

Many more years pass by, and she gains more experience, and gains more deadly powers in magic. This is when she meets the shadowknives. Little is known about this time in life for our young pieomancer-to-be, other than she gains much prowess with manipulating shadows, which she uses to strike out with magic, before quickly fading away again. After a while she is sent to infiltrate the pieomancy guild on the surface. She goes there, and spends years learning of the pieomancy skills. She gets very powerful in foodomancy. Powerful enough to overthrow the guild and run off to do her own thing. She hasn't completed this job yet. Probably never will.

Wandering, she comes across a strange tower. A tower with a door that leads her to a place where she can practice her pieomancy in peace. So she thought.

In she goes. And stumbles upon a portal to the AMEN HQ. She signs up, and that's where she is now. Why she signed up, is not yet known. She seems to take great pleasure in watching those in the HQ beat each other up.

Will her player bring her past back to haunt her? Unlikely. Unless people want more foodomancers and drow shadowknives wandering around the place.

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