Cat Sinister

Cat Sinister

*Miles appears and plasters a new bio over the old one.*


Race: Demon / Subrace: Goethe (Literary Demon)

Class: No stats for Cat has been established however he's listed as having an ominous prestige class called Arcane Accordionist

Gender: ((Well none technically being a personification of literary evil))

Alignment: Evil (He’s currently registers at 9 Kn since being revamped)

Age: ??

Hair: He has no hair beyond his beard which is a dull black.

Eyes: Bright Yellow


‘Cat Sinister’ is the alias of a fiendish producer from the Abyss, his particular level of the plane seems to have a similar attitude and style to a Hollywood depiction of 1950’s New York. Cat is the only full demon he knows in AMEN as such he sees himself as the official liaison between AMEN and the Abyss. Cat joined AMEN with the purpose of expanding his theater company’s influence to that particular world with the ultimate intention of destroying it.


Cat’s demonic nature is a big contributor to his attitude. For a demon, evil is a job so they don't pursue it very seriously outside of work. When demons aren't at work they like to escape from their nihilistic surroundings which grow dull after the first few centuries, a number quite enjoy early Adult contemporary music and light comedies. Recently Cat's character as been altered by his player, it didn't go as well as he hoped as Cat immediately turned on Miles, warping his body into a new base for himself. since being revamped Cat is prone to inane bouts of laughter and takes new found joy in atrocious acts of evil. Cat sees himself as a corrupter rather then an evildoer so for the most part he tries to get other AMENites to be as evil as they can. When actually attempting to destroy the forces of good Cat goes about it in a professional manner, he patiently waits while other plots are finished or suspended before attacking, he only gets aggravated if people ignore him. Cat doesn’t enjoy direct confrontations instead he prefers to stand to the side and let his underlings attack them while heckling his enemies.


In some ways Cat is among the most powerful of the group in others he’s one of the weakest. He has yet to cast any known spells beyond summonings and creating gates to the Abyss, which he does so usually by wiggling his hand or snapping his fingers. The rest of the supernatural powers he possesses are part of his demonic subrace. Cat has the ability to walk on any surface as if on solid ground. Cat can change his shape at will, the actual range of the ability could be unlimited, his version of the ability is quite a bit more powerful then regular Goethe demons. All Goethe are immune to effects and harm caused by poor writing. Finally Cat has a unique way of teleporting, He folds into himself and as he vanishes an odd sound is audible that can only be described as *Poik!*


Cat depends for the most part on various items he has on his person and his ability to summon allies and devices. One of His most powerful assets is his immunity to poor writing which he received as part of his subrace, It allows him to wield some of the most horrendous pieces of literature ever conceived. His inner breast pocket in his Jacket seems to be a pocket dimension from which he can draw unlimited cigars and business cards. Cat is also in possession of several artifacts so far these ones have been unveiled:
- Deux ex Penicullus: Looks like a pencil. When in a conflict, write down on paper the overview of it and a random solution will appear solving everything in a bizarre fashion.
- Doris: Doris is Cat’s accordion he claims he can tear apart a soul with just a few key strokes, even without magical contributions from Cat its still quite formidable.


Cat is very well connected in the Abyss, apparently his reach is so long that he’s known in other continuums.

- The Goethe Theater Company: Cat’s personal powerbase, compiled from Demons, Contracted sinners and the best and worst writers in the multiverse. The Goethe are the keystone in his plans for this world, over many years Cat has perfected the art of Theatrical Production, with the slightest of tweaks he could turn a flop into a tool of Armageddon. His writing staff is also his main source of literary weapons. The Goethe demons themselves head various sections of the company in different layers, they all report to Cat.
- Goethe: The Goethe demons were created when the abyss made contact with other continuums, they're twisted amalgamations of different ideas bound together by the raw power of the abyss. Physically they resemble shifting masses of limbs mouths and odder things, no two look exactly alike however tentacles teeth and claws are a recurring theme among them. Goethe can change their shape at will, they don't have the range of forms Cat himself has but they're own forms can still be quite formidable, they favor a shape thats close to Cat's own though. No Goethe reveals its true name, its debatable if they actually have names. Most Goethe use an alias that starts with a noun and ends with an adjective, examples include Cat Sinister, Apricot Compulsive and Ford Perfect.
- Cat’s Doubles: After being confronted by Piratemonk about how he would come back from the inevitable death Cat commented that having an army of actors under his command he could just be a double being controlled by the real Cat from a safe place, this later proved to be true as a total of 32 has been seen together at once, whether or not he was bluffing and took measures after the conversation is debatable. After being revamped it was revealed in this Character bio that Cat's doubles are in fact low ranking Goethe. They are very familiar with Cat's mannerisms and remain in constant contact with the real Cat at all times. although they appear to be able to make gates and summons with the ease of Cat himself they actually don't, Cat uses them as a focus to create gates in the area.
- Demon Mafiosos: Yes thats right demons have their own mafias. A number of these groups in different layers have made partnerships with Cat so he can call upon their soldiers when he feels the situation calls for a little muscle.
- Miles: Miles is Cat’s controller, He’s not very helpful, he tries to interact from time to time with other players.

Dislikes: Cat is a bit of a racist, He dislikes Drow, Vampires and Fallen Angels, meaning he hates roughly half the members of AMEN.

Weaknesses: Why would I ever put this up you might ask? I’m hoping you gave up reading the bio half way through.

- He's a demon, think about that.
- Pretty much everything that would normally hurt other characters do the same to Cat unless otherwise mentioned.
- Keanu Reeves' are the bane of all demons,

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