Draken Sapphirion Frosthand

Draken is a the Head Geneticist of AMEN. A powerful spellcaster with a complex of superiority that isn't actually a complex because he is superior to the rest of the puny, feeble humanoids in the place. Draken happens to be a huge, twelve-headed criohydra, but he usually stays in a human shape, human in the general sense, because his skin is blue. He can, however, take pretty much any shape.

His classes are very well specified. He's got epic levels as a Wizard and a Druid, and also Archmage, Geomancer and Shifter, all of that caped with Epic Spellcasting makes him able to do pretty much anything by means of magic.

He's got an army, made mainly of constructs and aberrations, all of then linked by a vast hivemind, most of the time, the constructs in his lab are following silent mental orders to create new kinds of wicked abominations, out of the forges or the tubes.

His Backstory will be written one day.

Info regarding his soldiers will be written one day to.

Draken doesn't use clones, insted, he is under the effects of a permanent Contingent Ressurrection spell. The spell cannot be dispelled, attempts to do so will result in the temporary deactivation for no more than 30 seconds. The Epic spell is also resilient to Antimagic, so don't try.

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