Fallout Shelter

Well, this is the page that we're gonna use whenever the forum is down. Maybe. Anyway, just put your name before your post, and otherwise just treat it like AMEN. And please don't edit other peoples posts too much.

*Nukes the fallout shelter*

We need to get this place moving again.

Magtok: No, we need to get the Plan moving again. The shelter and edit war can wait.

Vespe *rushes in and takes cover within the kitchen, barricading the door with just about everything he can find.*
Save me pie god! Saphire is enraged!

Dr. Bath- where the duece am I? You! Elfy boy, what is this?

Vespe: Well, this is the Fallout Shelter. We have four bases you see, The Regular, which is where we are most of the time, Vespe's Secret Volcano Lair, a duplicate of the original in The Town, Summer Home, which is where we go when the forum is all laggy, and here, which is only used in emergencies and for edit wars now.

Korith: We built it with the skeletons of stillborn infants. You like?

Dr. Bath- I must say, it is very…. 'homely'.

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