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Not that you out of all people want my stats, I feel a strange obligation to do so.

Evilness:2 (I am technically neutral, and since "2" is an average human, I would assume that that means neutral
Munchkinness: 6 (if Munchkins include "noobs")

Any significant skills and/or abilities, especially if they're unusual:
Would a P90 count?

Any magical ability:
I am in LAW and AMEN, while they are at war with each other, and i am the one who declared that war. I guess Insanity must count…Also, when neglected, I regenerate

As much background as possible:
I am Commodore Fluffy, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy [LAW], I was contacted by beings of pure law, and was sent forth on a crusade to create a lawful empire that encompasses anything an everything. But they didn't specify if it had to be good.

What you think of the other Associates (each one, not just in general):

Castaras: Likes killing me
Crazy Fat Goblin: Don't know him too well.
Exachix: Who's He?
Fus: Strange name
Goblin Music:Pretty Cool
Korith: Don't know him
Lord Fullbladder: Imaginative name
Lord Magtok: Is awesome
Moon Called: I don't even know you
PirateMonk: You are annoying, but who isn't
Rex Idiotarum: Don't know him
Saurous: Needs laxatives, or possibly crack cocaine.
Uberblah: I don't know him
Vespe Ratavo: Don't really like him, he has spaz attacks
V junior : is Okay

That's why I have the Forums set up, but no one comes…

Well, the forums are dead again. *sighs*

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 6
Sanity: 3. I guess that's an all time high for AMEN…
Evilness: 6
Charisma: 5
Munchkinness: 6 (As long as it's illogical enough to be astonishing and mysterious, MrEdwardNigma can do it)

Any significant skills and/or abilities, especially if they're unusual: Mysterymancy, and a whole truckload of other tricks.

Any magical ability: Mysterymancy and most other spells. He's a wizard, after all.

As much background as possible: MrEdwardNigma used to be a talkshow host. During one of the shows, a terrible freak accident involving elder gods and other nastiness occured, turning him into the monstrosity he now is.

Re: The AMEN RPG Thread by MrEdwardNigmaMrEdwardNigma, 29 Nov 2007 13:29

Strength :3 ( he has it, but has not really shown it)
Dexterity :5 (playing frisbee all these years did help!)
Constitution :4
Intelligence :7
Sanity :2
Evilness :2
Charisma :2
Munchkinness :3

Any significant skills and/or abilities, especially if they're unusual:
drain health by bite attack,Immunity to all poisons, paranoide(wat was that sound!?!), probably more you havent found out yet….beware, you will!
Any magical ability:maaaagic missile!, some arcane spells and strangely only one divine spell called Cure something wounds.And foodamancy which is specialized in cookies and pancakes.

As much background as possible…..not possible….syntax error……

thoughts on others :
Castaras: Nice pies..though a bit lazy.(like)(long live poison and most potions immunitys!)
Crazy Fat Goblin: not seen much of him(tolerate)
Exachix: *stab* exachix is not mentally sane.
Fus: whiny background character.
Goblin Music: ehm who?
Korith: ……(tolerate)
Lord Fullbladder: high, high up in the sky, he falls up into my field of stakes!
Lord Magtok: wasnt that who´s leg I cut of yesterday?(hate)
Moon Called: stay out of my way and I wont kill you(tolerate)
PirateMonk: same as moon called
Rex Idiotarum: to chaotic to do anything to me, just give him a cookie and he´l be fine.
Saurous: faaaaaaaaaar away from him!
Uberblah: just talks and furthur nothing.
Vespe Ratavo: nice guy, remember me to kill him next time I see him(chaotic thoughts)
V junior : cant hurt me(ignore)

Re: The AMEN RPG Thread by dallas-dakotadallas-dakota, 10 Aug 2007 21:17

Saurous sighs, gets his eyes to focus, and reads over the note left for him again after apparently not being able to decipher it.

Re: Raid on the Golden Gaurd by SaurousSaurous, 08 Aug 2007 00:55

((Bah. You're just picky.))

Moon Called stepped out the door, wincing at the sun that glared in her eyes. Putting up a hand to shade her face from the hard, bright rays, she walked forward.
It was a long trip, she reflected for the umpteenth time, between the base and Stuna. Perhaps three weeks on foot, if she wasn't lucky enough to procure a horse to ride. Perhaps a pasing gypsy trove would allow her to travel with them. The Elf/Drow grinned and shook her head. She doubted she'd be able to stand gypsys. It'd be like traveling with twenty Vespes.

Vespe snores loudly as he sleeps, sprawled out on one of the couches.

((Sorry for editing your post MC, but my spelling nazi side made me do it :S))

Re: Raid on the Golden Gaurd by AMENAMEN, 07 Aug 2007 01:03

Saurous pulls himself out of bed, and glances about at his dim room. He reaches over to his bedtable to turn the lamp there on, when his hand comes over the note. He turns on the light, and picks up the note, reading over it.

Re: Raid on the Golden Gaurd by SaurousSaurous, 07 Aug 2007 01:00

((Okay, it doesn't exactly get around to the Golden Guard part, but it will soon. It starts in the AMEN base. Side quests will arise, and just as it seems I've utterly forgotten what I started this thread for, something main-ploty will happen.))

Ssssshhhah Moon Called watched as the shiny, metallic doors of her room slid open, and for a second wondered why Magtok hadn't been satisfied with the large, oak ones she'd suggested to set up around the base. Oak was carveable. Impressions of gargoyles and epic battle scenes would put a lot more of an impression in any guest then sliding metal ones would. She ran her hand along the door before she locked it, not trusting the others with her stuff. For years, the base had been what she called home, and now it felt weird to leave it. Would she ever even see it again?

It was still late in the afternoon. Since the majority of AMEN was nocturnal, most of the others would be asleep. She'd written a note for Saurous and Maur, and left it on Saurous' bed table. Moon Called allowed herself one last, longing look at her lover's door, and turned to leave.

Raid on the Golden Gaurd by Moon_CalledMoon_Called, 05 Aug 2007 01:27


Actually, I lost mine when my father got me stuck in an arranged marrige. It was lost to this guy WHO HATES ME. I ran out of the marrige, and still haven't got mine back.

And why do you WANT my soul? It's broken by horror and regect and sadness, and it was never that good anyway! I was a STUCK-UP, SPOILT BRAT OF A PRINCESS!! HAVE MY SOUL THEN!! I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!

Re: The AMEN RPG Thread by V JuniorV Junior, 03 Aug 2007 18:46

the vampiric elf picks a flier up and reads it.

yay another party to crash!…litteraly he thinks to himself as he starts making plans to destroy the foundations on friday night.

Re: Evil Tech by dallas-dakotadallas-dakota, 02 Aug 2007 13:35

1 dig tunnel under the town

2 make sure its under the tavern

3 dig a way into the cellar

4 barricade the cellar doors.

5 steal all the ale

6 retreat to amen headquarters.

7 drink the stuff

My 7 fase plan.

Re: The Town Invasion v3 by dallas-dakotadallas-dakota, 02 Aug 2007 13:13

Despite the fact that this will never happen, remove all my people, and Draken, Raril, Osnagard, and Venom.

Re: The Town Invasion v3 by BookboyBookboy, 26 Jul 2007 18:43

Fus: A total waste of time on Mother Nature's part.

Hah, you think I was created naturally?

Re: The AMEN RPG Thread by Dark StarDark Star, 16 Jul 2007 07:48

Korith: I have no soul, damn you!

Oh, you want that? The going exchange is a simple interpretation of the sevenfold rule…capture and bring to me seven souls, as pure as yours was before you encountered me, and you can have yours back!

Re: The AMEN RPG Thread by korithkorith, 09 Jul 2007 18:51

Strength: 6 (Don't try to arm wrestle with her…)
Dexterity: 6 (Ninja.)
Constitution: 6 (It's very, very hard to kill Junior.)
Intelligence: 6 (Has knowledge thats tretches beyond mortal comprehension.)
Sanity: 2 (Realatively sane.)
Evilness: 6 (Nature's super-powerful personification of evil)
Charisma: 6 (Atracts the eye of all non-gay single males. Of any species, which has led to some nasty situations…)
Munchkiness: 3 (Does occasionally godmod)

Skills/Abilities: Meerkat Control, Ninja, Speak With Anything (even inanimate objects), Can summon a bow and quiver of unlimited arrows, Can summon quarterstaffs, Glowing katana, Magic-like bolts of green lightning, turn into whatever, Heart.
Magic Abilities: Her powers aren't magic per se. They're more like insanely cool racial abilities.

Rex: Shame he got banned. I was looking forward to fighting him.
Magtok: Love him. Moving on…
Saur: Kills Magtok too much to be liked. And besides, nercromancy? What Nature has killed, let mortals not undo.
Castaras: The pies/potions don't affect me, so she's okay. But wastes time on potions, she should work harder on her evilness.
MC: Manga's cool. Swordfighting's cool. It's just her hatred of Magtok and her player that annoy me.
Fus: A total waste of time on Mum's part. And you have to have been created naturally. Unless- no wait, that's stupid. He can't be.
Exy: Lazy fox, but might be a little more dangerous then her looks. Proceed with caution.
GM: …Who?
PM: Stupid godmodding munchkin…
Uber: Can't stand Handiwork, had enough of sewing at my old house!
Fullbladder: Full bladder *snicker*.
Vespe: Bardbarian's a weird class choice, but music's cool, rapiers are okay, but he totally needs to STOP KILLING MAGTOK!
Korith: Actually, I think you'll find that I don't have a soul in my body, and you'll never find it.

Re: The AMEN RPG Thread by V JuniorV Junior, 09 Jul 2007 16:00

Indeed, it's a shame that my countless, nameless Sword Golems suffer the "nameless group obliterated by named player…ouch" defect.

We need a random name generator for the swarm!

Re: The Town Invasion v3 by korithkorith, 04 Jul 2007 13:31

Stealthy at first, we don't have enough forces to directly take on the town, Stealth, intimidation, and influence is key.

I say that we make this happen on the 6th or 7th. I'm off those days. And also, sorry I haven't been here often. Nearly forgot about its existance. Oops.

Re: The Town Invasion v3 by UberblahUberblah, 02 Jul 2007 18:42
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