Happiness (Full name Happiness Dilectio Kaer) is the personification of joy, love, and tranquility. He was originally a fragment of Saurous's personality that appeared during times of severe stress, but has since split from Saurous to become his own person. He is Chaotic Good.

Happiness is always very chipper and happy, almost degrading to psychosis and mania (hence his name), no matter what horrors and acts of violence happen to him. These horrors happen to him often, as he is used as a target for the others' agressions. He has met death many times before, but always seems to reappear. He also appears to not be very intelligent, compared to the other residents of AMEN.

He apparently has the ability to re-manifest after death. He also has the ability to shift from place to place without others noticing. Despite his drawbacks, Happiness is apparently very strong physically, as he is capable of shattering walls with his bare fists. He is also very loyal, and believes in strong morals.

Happiness detests violence, and refuses to watch any form of movies or television shows that have violence in them. This of course forces him to watch shows such as Teletubbies and Boohbah all day.

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