Haruki Kun

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White Platinum
Blood Type: Yes

The Archangel of the Blue Moon, Haruki is the Chaotic Good Member of AMEN, and former leader of HALO. Even though he decided to join AMEN after a while, his alignment did not change, as he joined only for a chance to kill every member, or at least so he claims. In reality, he's having much more fun now than ever before and is way happier to be in AMEN.

He keeps a stock of Shuriken and Caltrops hidden in his clothes, and happens to have a good repertoire of Magic Spells.
Although people claim his alignment shifts, he is still Good. He claims he's just too Chaotic to care.

His favorite hobby is to kill Magtok. Usually by stabbing.

His weakness is Plot, Out of Character Speech, The Fourth Wall, and losing The Game.

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