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Tiefling, Wizard, Violent, Fireball-Hurling, Rock-exploding trouble-maker.

Korith is pretty quiet in comparison to some of the regular's of AMEN, though when he does show up, he tends to do so with a BANG. The real Korith has yet to be sighted on AMEN premesis (so far as we know). He instead interacts via an endless wave of simulacra. The simulacra vary in power from a humble 1st level wizard (often used to clean Korith's Multidimensional Lab of Wonder) to Epic creatures that would dare stand toe-to-toe with the gods (or Saurous) themselves. Korith enjoys an abnormally peaceful position with the other AMEN members, though no Charm spells have been detected as yet to explain this. Most likely, he's just been making some unnaturally lucky Diplomacy checks from skill ranks aquired via a slight dip into rogue levels.

Korith's non-simulacrum agents take the form of Sword Golems. These creatures range from individual enchanted blades to massive constructs with countless protrusions of vorpal nastiness. Korith's production techniques for these constructs are kept highly secret, though some bozo once pointed out that he probably uses Scrolls of Duping to turn the initial prototypes into a multitudinous army in less than a day. His most deadly sword golems are built from corrupted Holy Avengers, enhanced to epic proportions by the fires of the deepest forge in hell itself.

Lastly, Korith maintains a close connection with the Infernal armory. Ask nicely, and you just might find yourself with a discount on your next purchase of a +7 Weapon of Unholy Powers.


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