Lifebane Aka Fus Weapon 1337

Fusion Weapon 1337 was actually the name of the robot that Lifebane temporarily had to live in, because of a vaguely horrible accident several years ago. Everyone still calls him Fus., though. He is in love with Castaras, and is rather insane. Lifebane/Fus. one day plans to be the leader of AMEN, but still hasn't become enough of a threat.

His signature weapon is a deck of cards, which are actually quite painful if they hit. Fus., from time to time, begins to talk in cryptograms. The way to decode them is at this link. His bedroom contains several…"items", none of which I am going to disclose.
He appears to be a level 34 fighter/wizard, knowing several self-explanatory homebrew spells.

Could someone cast True Resurrection on me?

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