Lizard Lord

Lizard Lord is a lawful evil (was lawful neutral, but AMEN corrupted him quickly) fighter/ranger lizard person that lived amongst a large but primitive lizardfolk clan. He distrusts all but a few mammals. During his time in his swamp homeland his clan faced many hardships. The biggest of these include human settlers, orc raiders, unnatural monsters, and undead creatures. Lizard Lord was able to claim leadership of his people (hence the name) and lead them to a safer land, but he was certain that the safety would not last.

He joined HALO because he had hoped that he could call on them should his people ever be in danger again, but since most of them were mammals he never truly trusted them. Then Raistlin somehow entered the HALO base and challenged Lizard Lord to a duel to the death. Lizard Lord was killed in the battle, but Raistlin had resurrected him. According to his clan's customs being beaten in a duel and having someone save your life means that you must show respect towards that individual as well as owe him at least one favor. Lizard Lord also came to respect Raistlin's power. Raistlin requested that Lizard Lord joined Amen, and Lizard Lord accepted the request, both his clan's traditions demand that he respects Raistlin’s wish, and because he hopes that, through AMEN, he can obtain enough power to destroy anything that would oppose his clan.

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