Moon Called Shadesri

Moon Called is the head of… absolutely nothing in AMEN. But that really doesn't stop her from threatening her way into a position of power. Sort of. Half-Elf, and Half-Drow, her race isn't quite as twisted as that of her lover, Saurous (see below), but fairly twisted non-the-less.

Generally, she tends to be rather cheerful, and is rather good at making others see her point. 18 CHA does that. However, after a battle with Rex Idiotarum (see plot… possibly. If I ever get around to it.), her disposition has taken a turn for the worse.

Her relationship with Saurous started off as a joke made by Magtok. Eventually, Moon Called and Saurous fell in love. The product? A cute little quarter-elf named Maur, created in Moon Called's absence. Maur is mostly controlled by Saurous, but Moon Called has been known to control him from time to time.

When it comes to combat, that's Moon Called's specialty. A wielder of a Gargantuan-sized Greatsword, she doesn't lose much. She also has been known to use spells from Scrolls, but has never been known to actually cast a spell herself, except for once, when her player was (slightly more) obsessed with FFIX.

Moon Called also is well versed in torture methods, often using Pokemon and other 4Kids animes.

Her player, who took on the name Saphire in a fit of laziness, is the most frequently appearing player, who often appears without notice in the AMEN world. Often she appears because she feels like doing something Moon Called wouldn't. She's hyper, ditzy, annoying and a perverted Narutard. Luckily, she's also a fairly good role-player. She's the worst speller of the AMENites, without an argument. Therefore, whenever she actually notices a spelling error another AMENite makes, she tends to ridicule them for it.

If anyone gets painfully bored, feal free to make this more interesting.

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