Plans of World Domination and Whatnot

Korith's Self-cloning Bomb:

The original, Mk I Self-Cloning bomb was a pretty straightforward weapon. It would, upon pressing a button, clone a copy of itself with the button pressed and detonate after a random interval. After enough bombs went off to take out the undetonated clones, the mass devastation would (eventually) come to an end. The newcomer Sulaiman wiped out the lounge with one of these devices, but suggested an alternative interpretation of the self-cloning bomb.

The Mk-II Bomb:
This weapon, rather than self-duplicating, will create a duplicate user, holding a duplicate of the bomb. Minimum delay has been changed to 12 seconds, in order to allow some major spell-whipping prior to detonation. Spells that couldn't care less about saves, spell resistance and energy resistances are preferred - though a combination of Melf's Acid Arrows and Magic Missiles could serve well with a low-level simulacrum wielding the weapon.

-Note: Plan to create massive stockpile of these weapons via Scrolls of Duping.

Rex's current Plan to take over the world:

Error - User Level Not High Enough To View.

Fus.'s plan: The Ruby Tower:

What, do you think I'm going to tell you why I have a ruby tower? No!

Vespe's evil plot to control the world by giving everyone a free mind controlling plushie

Well, that's pretty much it right there…. >_>

Castaras' potion plans:

50 tanks of love potion
50 tanks of truth potion
50 tanks of personality potion
50 tanks of food potion
50 tanks of strong alcoholic drinks
Beautiful and rich clothing
Ruling Sceptre
5 generic Igors.

1. Mix the potions together to create special supadoopachocolatefudgecoated potion.
2. Give to the world.
3. Wait for world to submit to your will(Normally takes about 2 hours.)
4. Accept crown.
5. Enjoy new world.

The Writing on the Wall:

On page 21 of AMEN VIII, the Junior gang discovered bodies… and sickening writing in blood on the East Wall. They promptly ran off to barf, but the mystery remains… who did this?!?

Fus: Do you even need to ask? >:D
Junior: Erm… no, not really. COCO! SENTRY! WHERE AREEEEE YOU!

Uber's Plant to Undermine Moon_Called:

Shhh… She doesn't know about this yet…

Hang on, what's this then?

Wires, electricity, and fruit

Wires being connected to the roof, animated fruit wandering about…

The animated fruit seem to be guarding something. The wire leads to a fruit salad guarded by animated fruit, and protected by a strange forcefield.

Plots in the AMEN Base

The Freakin' Romances

Surprisingly for a group of supervillains, the Association has come across several different romances.

-Regina (Rex) and Magtok- This is commonly referred to by Saurous to frustrate Magtok, and occurred when Rex was gender-bent into Regina Idiotarum, and, according to Magtok, met one of his "drug addled" clones.

-Saurous and Moon Called- Quite possibly the least tenuous and most serious romance in AMEN, this even went as far as the two having a child named Maur. There's a bunch more stuff on this, but it's a bit late and I don't feel like writing it.

-Fus and Castaras (and Vespe)- After an incident with a love potion1, Fus ended up falling in love with Castaras. This effect ended up being permanent, and Fus has been in love with her ever since. There have been problems with this, as Vespe apparently has feelings for Castaras, too.

-V Junior and Magtok- It appears that, while in Evil High, Junior had a crush on Magtok. Junior confessed this in AMEN IX, and promptly stabbed Happiness and Exy for making fun of it. It is uncertain how far this will go, but she does seems to like him a lot. And now Magtok is returning the love. How sweet. Oh, and would ya look at that? It seems Magtok got Junior pregnant. That won't end well. It's a girl! Named Meadhbh Nature!

-A possible romance in the making? Meadhbh Nature, daughter of Magtok and Junior, had been showing signs of feelings (off-screen, but still) for Maur, son of Moon Called and Saurous. This could end badly, as Magtok and Saurous are sworn foes, and this could just push both of them to the limit! Ah. It appears that Magtok was NOT happy about this.

-Raistlin and Castaras (And Moon Called): Raistlin has a major crush on both of these lovely ladies. However, neither shows much intrest in him. Poor Raistlin

AMEN (Evil) High

This was weird. Created by someone, this is AMEN in Evil High. No-one knows what will happen next… but one things for sure.
Drow will burn.
Evil high has now returned from the depths of obscurity. Recently, it sorta died again. Mostly because people just stopped posting in it.

The Edit Wars

Recently in "The Fallout Shelter," there was an edit war between Vespe and Castaras (and later Magtok, and a few others were in minor roles. Actually, it was one of these minor roles that did the most in getting the two to fight even harder. Of course, Castaras does know the name of this individual. She gonna tell? Who knows…).
The war ended when Castaras resigned(Because she was tired. Sleep is important!), and peace was restored.
For now….

The Player Switch

For some reason, Vespe and Castaras just switched players. As such, Castaras is now under Vespe's players control, and vice versa.
No one has any idea how this is going to end.
Except for one thing.
Orphanages will BURN.
Note: This probably ended a while ago.

VE´s bloodbank plan

Shortly seen were posters advertising this weird message : Been thirsty all day long? are humans kicking you out of there city´s? Dont they have your fine taste for types of blood anymore? no need for that anymore! Come and join VE´s bloodbar and unite under his command.
Not needing to say, all the blood banks of the country were emptied and taken away.

The string of DOOM

During a fight with Draken, wadledo created some very unique string, string that can multiply on its own and will eventually cause some big trouble unless dealt with.
Why is it around in the first place you ask?
No clue whatsoever.

The Voice In Junior's Head AND The March

Junior has sometimes had flashes where a ghost called 'Hawk' is speaking to her in her mind. Needless to say, he's given no real advice, aside from mentioning 'The March'. It is unknown what 'The March' is… and we're probably never going to find out.

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