Castaras uses these. Pretty powerful.

A little information on a few of the more common potions:

  • Love Potions: Will cause you to fall in love with the first living creature you see. This has many versions, after much experimenting:
          • Normal: Normal ones last a few hours. Maybe more. Depends on plot really.
          • Permanent: does what you expect from the name. Never used, but the threat is still there.
          • Delayed: Rarely used, these wait a while, before striking when it is unexpected.
          • Non-magical: Created by Magtok some time ago, these are very difficult to get rid of. Currently, Castaras doesn't use them, due to the fact that she hasn't found an antidote yet…
  • Personality Potions: Breaks you down into different personalities. As in, Anger, Evil, Love, Hate, Murder, Silly, etc. etc. Hilarious results.
  • Transformation Potions: Transforms you into something else. Like worms, or pies, or other more cruel results that haven't been seen yet…
  • Inner Child: A strength potion gone wrong. This summons your inner child, no matter how bratish or cute it is. Used only once.
  • Disintegration: Does what the name suggests. Fun.
  • Disease: Causes any kind of disease imaginable. From the common cold to the bubonic plague, this cute potion does alot. Beware.
  • Poison: It…y'know…Poisons, maybe?
  • Dancing: Makes the person affected burst into dance. Great for humiliation and blackmail.
  • Torture: Pure torture to make this one…but it does alot. Tortures the one who drunk the potion.
  • Laughing: …Need this explained? Poor, brainless sod.
  • Blinding: Blinds you. Makes you blind. Unable to see.
  • Deafening: Hmm…I wonder what this does?
  • Singing: Duuhh….
  • Sleep: Gosh, I'm not sure…
  • Instant death: Hmm…the name is a good clue…
  • Slow death: Kills you over a period of three days.
  • Alignment changing: Changes your alignment to a random one. Loads of fun. Causes many orphanages to be helped and torched by the same person.
  • Food: Turns the one who drunk the potion into a piece of food.
  • All powerful Antidote: Kept in vials coated with poison, this potion cures everything…except the poison that coats the antidote vial. Rarely used, rarely seen, are they real or just a dream?
  • Healing: Heals you. Kinda.
  • Strength: Strengthens you. Gives you strength of 20 giants, titans, and massive dragons put together.
  • Chaos: Does something random to you. Anything you can think of, could happen with this potion. Not been used yet…but might be some time…
  • Insanity: Made of all the potions she has made, and not yet made. Unpredictable results. Currently known effects: Makes Vespe go even weirder than usual. Much like a random illegal drug for him…
  • Gender-Bender: Changes your gender to the opposite gender. Girls to boys, boys to girls. Created by Malmagor, recipe stolen traded for by Cassie.

There may be more…but she has not yet revealed these…

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