Raistlin -Deemed a TRAITOR by the High Court of Magtok for joining HALO

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*ahem* Raistlin was born a fairly normal elf in a small hamlet. He practiced both music and swordsmanship. However, a few odd things often happened when he sparred. His opponent would trip, or stumble for no apparent reason. After an incident in which he almost killed a sparring partner, he was banned from sword fighting.

But he broke the rules. He kept fighting, and practicing in secret. he even aquired some books on Demons, and called them up, and fought them. He was discovered, and cast out of the village. Trying to repent, he joined an elite order of Angels, and for a while, was a agent of Good.

It didn't last. One day, a woman who had killed an angel in self-defense was brought to trial in the Heavens. She was convicted and sentanced to eternal torture in the 9 Hells. Raistlin knew it was unfair, and after smuggling her away to a nomadic human village, spent some time with her, and eventually made sure she was safe for the rest of her life. Raistlin became a Fallen Angel, which granted it's own powers.

Raistlin joined AMEN, where he became the Demon Specialist and Weapon Creator. He can summon Demons, and they obey him forever, much like Saurous' Zombies and Cassie's Pies. He has been known to fuse humans with his demons to create freakish abominations. He is also the Musical Master.

Raistlin has fought the Angles since joining AMEN twice, winning both times. It's not over. Not by a long shot. They. Want. Revenge.

Raistlin also has two children, by the human woman. Their names are Lucy and Aeon. The twins (for that's what they are) are 1/4 Elf, 1/2 human, and 1/4 Fallen Angel. They look mostly human, although they have slightly pointed ears, and contain Angel/Fallen Angel Traits.

Recently, he has also proven himself to be an excellent fighter. He killed (and later ressurected) Lizard Lord, nearly killed Nomlas twice, and has severely wounded Sorcy and Shas on occasion. Like all the other AMENites, he has also killed Magtok many, many times.

His player, known as John (Which is an alias), pops up from time to time. John is lazy and is mostly around for sarcastic and cheeky remarks, or occasionally offering insight to Raistlin.

Lucy and Aeon -Deemed TRAITORS by the High Court of Magtok for accompanying SUBJECT RAISTLIN to HALO

Lucy is Raistlin's daughter. She's a Sorceress/Rogue, and a good one at that. She specialized in Void spells, spells that deal with making things simply, not exist anymore. She is fairly tall, has blonde hair, fair skin, silver eyes, and wears a revealing dress. She's usually nice and easy-going. She works as an AMEN intern.

Aeon is Raistlin's son. He's a Fighter/Thayan Knight (Despite not being completely humam) and a fantastic warrior. He looks a bit intimidating, with unkempt black hair and demonic-looking black armor. He has a red tatoo on his back, and another on his cheek. He's kind, and fiercly protective of Lucy. He's usually quiet, letting Lucy do most of the talking. When he does talk, he is fairly sarcastic. He works as an AMEN intern.

Lucy and Aeon* are twins. Born to a human woman (whose name has not been revealed), their father is Raistlin. Due to this, they have a very mixed heritage. They are technically half-elves, but due to their father being a Fallen Angel elf, they are really only one fourth (1/4) elf, half-human, and one fourth fallen angel, thus granting them the benefits of being human and the coolness that comes with being an elf. They have a few of the Fallen Angel benefits, like immunity to fire, and the Protection from Good spell-like ability, but not the most powerful ones, like the Demonic Transformation and the ability to sprout wings.

The twins grew up alone, their mother had either given them up or had them taken from her, and their dad was still joyriding in hell. Unable to provide for themselves, they showed up in an orphanage at the age of 5. However, when they turned 13, they realized no one would adopt them because of their age and heritage, they decided to leave. They left the orphanage behind, and never returned.

At this time, Lucy had begun to manifest Sorcerer powers, and coupled with her natural beauty and penchant for thievery, she quickly became one of the most sought after thieves in the city. Aeon*, to his credit, picked up a sword in a discount bin at a store, and mastered it in a matter of weeks. The natural combination of their skills led them to become powerful Mercanaries, and they eventually took a job which brought them to Thay. Lucy completed the contract quickly, and Aeon* became fascinated with the Red Wizards and Thayan Knights. He had no magical powers of his own, and while he liked the power of the Thayan Knights, he hated how they served the Red Wizards.

He stole the secrets of the Red Wizards, and kidnapped a Thayan Knight soon after. Lucy and him quickly fled the city, and Aeon* learned all about Thayan Knights from his hostage. When he had learned all there is to learn, he killed the hostage, and the two fled to AMEN.

Lucy is a beautiful tall girl, with long blonde hair and frail-looking light skin. She wears a blue dress and blue heels that go nicely with her silver eyes. She is a Sorceress/Rogue, and has incredibly high CHA. Speaks in Silver

Aeon* is tall and thin, much like his sister, but the physical similarities end there. He has shoulder length black hair, and red eyes that burn with intensity. He wears full-body spiked black armor. He wears a silver ring that keeps him from having to obey Red Wizards. It is very hard to remove. Speaks in Dark Red

*Aeon is not his real name. His real name is a human name that he dislikes, and only his sister and mother know. He adopted Aeon to embrace his elf heritage and because it sounds cool.

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