Rex, Regina, and Rexina Idiotarum

Confirmed DECEASED by the High Court of Magtok

Rex was the insane Leader of Amen, although retired when Magtok rose a force against him. Not much on his history. Although quick tempered and often irrational, he show extreme combat skills, and can be very insightful at times. Caution when approaching. He is argueably the toughest person in the group, and brings up exciting and new tricks with each battle. The is a certain approach when fighting him that has to be taken, or else you cannot harm him.

Arose to leadership in Evil Inc. after Psyke_D stepped down. He got dibs on being leader before Magtok could, and so the cyborg claimed the position of second in command before anyone else could steal a position he deserved. Idiotarum has shown fascination with Blood, and Blood-based spells.


He has also shown several forms, one of the most disturbing to date was Regina Idiotarum((On left)), which was basically a female version of Rex. One incident that came up during this time was "The Magtok Song", a complete rip-off of Voltaire's "Sexy Data Tango". It was promptly followed by a page of vomiting and mind aciding.
Rex's insanity makes him immune to all forms of mind control and torture. A person attempting to use telepathy against Rex has a 10% chance of becoming insane themselves.—

Rex commonly remains in his First form, which is fairly human with one Rubus Oculus. His second form, AntiRex, has been seen briefly in a fight with The Masked Man.

Rex, in the Days of Future Past segment is often referred to as "The Pogoer From the Wastes" and wields Shogun Curtino's Katana. His goals are mysterious, but he seems to want to cause Magtok's Demise, although it goes much deeper than that.

Rex currently spends his time complaining about everything, and slaughtering everything that gets in his way.

Rex formats his post in a variety of ways, sometimes in a novel-like narrative, quoting IC speech, and sometimes coloring it. Rex always uses red for IC when he does color it. Rex's player doesn't make much of a presence, and has not been named. He uses 1st person when doing action Text.

Word was spread through the base that Rex Idiotarum was dead; Then who is this new person that calls themself Rexina?
Rexina refers to herself with a female designation, though she is androgynous. She's a talented musician and good singer, and has a set of mysterious instruments that she'll give out to members in the Rock the Town plot. Her instrument of choice is Bass, but also picks up the violin when needed.

Her form is not human, but takes upon a humanoid form on most occasions, her clothing style is Black, with random Red embroidery sewn in it. She has a grim view on the world, and delights in destruction and corruption. She looks upon everything passively and objectively, which makes her a cold foe to face indeed. She abstains from fighting though, and often just taunts her foes to attack her, then using her speed to dodge. She loves to set up traps and torment people's minds. She floats and flies effortlessly, even trough barriers of magic and stone.

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