Saurous (Full name: Saurous Decessus Kaer) is AMEN's current head of Necromancy, and is a strange being when it comes to race. Saurous is a partially undead gray elf, with his right hand completely skeletal up to around the elbow. He was one of the first three AMENites (Psyke D, Ayya the Fearsome, and himself), and is the last remaining of the three. He hails from a far off elven city that was supposedly destroyed by a pyrokineticist known as Faust.


Saurous is emotionally calm and collected, although this is mostly caused by his near lack of emotion. Saurous rarely smiles beyond a evil smirk or sarcastic grin, and people usually duck and cover when he actually displays any positive feeling.
Beyond his emotionless state, Saurous is sarcastic and cruel, making quips and insulting others at the earliest opportunities. He is easily annoyed by the antics of the other AMEN members. Saurous is a bit insecure about his intelligence, despite the fact that he is one of the smartest and most logical AMENites. Surprisingly, Saurous believes slightly in chivalry, mostly the aversion towards harming women. Of course, he only follows chivalrous code to a small degree, and will go against it if his current mission or plot strongly works against it.
Saurous also has a pathological fear of clowns for an unknown reason. When confronted with one of this comic performers, Saurous will either kill it instantly, run away, or hide behind Moon Called.

Powers and Abilities

Saurous is a master wizard with almost every necromantic spell in his spellbook (although, he is commonly not seen using D&D spells due to the fact that his player enjoys being creative with that sort of thing). He has also shown strong capabilities in the arts of geomancy, evocation, and voodoo.
Saurous' non-spell abilities are strongly connected to undead creatures and he can create and control near-infinite number of them. A lesser-used ability of his is his ability to mimic the abilities of undead creatures (meaning, he can turn incoporeal like a ghost, use the annihilating stare of a Bodak, fade into the darkness like a Shadow, etc.). His skeletal right arm is capable of permanently paralyzing living beings and can channel a large amount of negative energy. It is surprisingly durable for exposed bone, and can be used to deflect sword strikes and absorb weaker magic attacks.
Saurous also knows several forms of hand-to-hand combat, although he primarily employs his magic or his katana in battle.


Saurous carries hundreds of magical components and weapons with him at all times, and the small pouches and pockets on his clothing appear to be the equivalent of small Bags of Holding, as they are shown to hold objects that shouldn't actually fit within them.

  • Knives: Saurous carries around several knives and daggers in a single pocket. These include throwing knives with various magical enchantments, a complicated, futuristic dagger given to him as a Christmas present, and a serrated blade with the words "Organ Remover" placed on its handle. The dagger is enchanted to seek life, and is usually used for precision aiming when thrown, or when Saurous decides to remove organs from fallen foes.
  • Gem shards: No self respecting evil wizard would go anywhere without a large collection of gemstones to use in summonings, soul capture, and undead creation.
  • Katana: Saurous' primary melee weapon is an apparently nonmagical katana.
  • Grimoires: Saurous carries around several Lovecraftian grimoires with the secrets of whatever crazy gods or sorcerers that scribed them.

Associates and Relationships

  • Happiness- Happiness is Saurous' pride and joy, literally. Happiness is the idiotic and ditzy physical manifestation of Saurous'- as you probably guessed- happiness. Formerly, Happiness only appeared to annoy Saurous when he was struck by one of Castaras' Personality Potions. Nowadays, Happiness is a completely separate entity from Saurous, and is usually used for target practice or violent forms of stress relief.
  • Moon Called- Moon Called is currently Saurous' lover. Their relationship started waaaay back in the third thread I believe, making it one of the earliest, non-joke relationships of the base. Magtok poked fun at them even earlier, also making it one of the first events where Magtok's jokes actually caused something important.
  • Maur- Saurous' son, Maur is a sarcastic and fun-loving teenage blackguard. Maur's birth was early in AMEN's history, and his sudden mental and physical growth into a thirteen-year-old boy was attributed to Magtok slipping something into his baby food, and the fact that babies are boring when they aren't even a year old.
Major Undead Minions
  • Uri- One of the few of Saurous' named minions, Uri is the general of Saurous' undead army.
  • Don- A skeletal being who is only whole from the waist up, Don was originally used by Saurous to frighten those who might dig through the kitchen's freezer.
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