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Radioactive Badger: I killed them all!
vampiric elf : nah,they just went to the tavern
Castaras: Yeah, probably. What's a Vampiric Elf, by the way?
Radioactive Badger: A newcomer? *KILLS IT*
vampiric elf : ahh thats my second personality you know,Dallas-dakota, i´m the third.btw….*ressurect self auto* *kowtows before badger*
Radioactive Badger: *Launches an explosion in a burst of brillaint green light, destroying a nearby farm* *Kills vampiric elf* We could be at this for a while…
Vampiric elf *auto ressurect* sure, why not, i'd just like to know who's playing the badger *kowtows again before the badger*
Radioactive Badger: *Summons dissociated organs, causing them to crawl together and regenerate* It's not that hard to tell. In fact, I'll give you a hint…we're making history *Kills Vampiric Elf*
Vampiric elf *remaining dust get toghetter and reform* sorry, hard to tell becouse its vacation and my brains are working on stand 0.3 *Gives Radioactive Badger the keys to the internet.*eats a cookie of widom*ahh, now i see.
Radioactive Badger: *Uploads self through the front door* *Stabs Vampiric elf in the face with a silver stake*
Korith: Hey, Badger! Back in your cage!
Radioactive Badger: *Sulkingly complies*
Vampiric elf *deheads self, puts poison in it and emails it to Snow White while regenerating a new head* hey, a penny! *then puts remains of a budgie in a reinforced cage of unbreakeble-nish*
Korith: Belches noxious gas, more lethal than any mundane poison.
vampiric elf : let AMEN rule, let cookies order and let internet be made better, amen.
vampiric elf: ohyeah, I wish I were the dude with the cape who's shooting a red magic missile!and I'd like to speek to the person who made it.
Castaras: I think that'd be Saurous you're referring to. Seeing as I have no avatar of you, I can't put you in it.
Vampiric elf hmm, need to make a new one or something, old one is veeeeery old….or I need to ask somebody…I'l look into it and give you link Cassie:D
Korith: I would very much like to see some shape given to this Vampiric Elf…(hides chalk of temporal scribbling)
Raistlin It's obvious. Vampiric Elf is a about 2 inches tall, made of toast, and has a bright orange umbrella. Duh!
Korith: War never dies.

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