Uncle Festy

Uncle Festy is a Necromancer of AMEN. He is an awakened Goblin Zombie. He is currently involved in a passive-aggressive war with Saurous for the position of Head of Necromancy. By all accounts, he's loosing. Or it hasn't even started yet. Meh, either way. Uncle Festy always refers to himself as "Uncle," while everyone else in the multi-verse refers to him as "Festy." He has yet to discover why.
Uncle Festy keeps a standing army of Zombies in his room. The most notable members are: Uncle's player; two Kobold Inquisitors; a cat named Mr. Jingles; and reality itself.
Uncle Festy's Room
Uncle Festy's Backstory



Homer is the author of the Iliad. He mysteriously showed up while Uncle Festy was on vacation. He was arrested by the Mages In Black for supposedly impersonating Homer, resulting in his sudden disappearance from the thread. How is he linked to Uncle Festy? Only time will tell.

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