Vael has quite a few characters, most of whom will not be showing up. This list is of the characters you will most often see.

The Dancing Man- AKA, Mr. Maverick.
The Dancing Man is quite an enigmatic figure, possibly because he rarely makes any sort of sense at all. He's a very active sort, often found doing something entirely bizarre just for the sheer entertainment of it, but in contrast he isn't often a talkative fellow. While occasionally he may espouse some strange view, or possibly spout out some inanity or insanity, he tends to just come in, do whatever he feels like, then leave again in the wake of all the havoc he likely just created.
It should be mentioned that the aforementioned havoc is extremely easy for him to create. The source of his power is unknown, but one might speculate that the Dancing Man follows the laws of cartoon characters- something is possible until he realizes it isn't. However, as he is obviously and undeniably crazy, this means he has very few limits on what he can do. On the other hand, being insane is limiting in its own right, since he has very little coherence or grasp of the world around him, and thus could care less about some things which would be extremely important to others- such as Armageddon, for instance. It's reported that on one occasion, when the world was being threatened with untimely destruction by meteor, the Dancing Man created a musical out of it and instead of using his power against the giant rock, just tap danced on it for a while instead before buggering off to do something else while letting someone else handle it.
What is known about Mr. Maverick is that he constantly wears a gray sports coat, matching slacks, a white dress shirt, a black top hat, and has in his possession a black cane with a silver u-shaped handle. The only one of them that seems to be actually special in properties is the cane, which he is quite fond of using as a skateboard or surfboard, and every so often as a sword. While his top hat normally casts shadows over his face, when removed it reveals two eyes mismatched in size- one being quite large and bulbous while the other is normal (though this may just be him squinting very oddly all of the time), and brown hair that has been partially and randomly bleached, so that some strands are blondish white, while others are a normal brown.

What little is known of Vael is that she is a powerful psionicist, always wears a mask with strange red tear patterns on it, and first appeared when Castaras donned the mask and was possessed by her (Vael did not have a body at that point in time). Whether Vael IS the mask, or is simply bound up in the mask in some way is also undetermined.
She's rather inactive at the moment, mostly standing in the sidelines to make comments about what other people are doing.

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